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"in moments of turmoil we can realize more than ever how much music has brought to our lives"

Gary Hoffman, wonderful international cellist, use to come in Fontainebleau every year for Masterclasses. Here are his inspiring words:

« Though we are living in a unique (hopefully) time, it is in moments of turmoil, uncertainty, and confusion, that we can realize more than ever how much music has brought to our lives, and how it serves as a reason and an anchor for our existence on the whole.

As with most musicians I started young, not as young as some others, and having been born into a musical family, music was always central to my life. I knew quite early that I wanted to devote myself to it. And while I know, as every musician eventually finds out, the road is not always paved with the prettiest and most fragrant flowers, it’s a decision I’ve never regretted. I am often reminded of the good fortune we have to have a true passion and direction in our lives, not everyone has this chance. For that we must always feel grateful. But of course a significant responsibility, to ourselves and to our art, is attached to this, and we must never take that for granted. Whatever talent we were born with is not something we can take credit for, that is God-given. What we do with that talent is up to us, choices have to be made, and we have to assume those choices. We can chart our own course, we need not follow the crowd, but no matter which way we decide to go, there are consequences for those decisions.

So often in my life I’ve heard people tell me, “You have no choice, you must do it this way.” Whether I choose to do it as everyone does, or my way, is, in my opinion, always my choice, and I’d prefer to look back and say to myself, “Well, you did it your way.” And at least have no regrets about that. »

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